Generator good as new!

We have a diesel generator that automatically starts up when there is a power outage and keeps our Internet service running. We have had it for over ten years. It has been a champ, saving us from numerous outages.

This week we hired Bill Thompson, a local diesel engine specialist, and he gave our generator quite the makeover. It now has new oil, new filters, new batteries, new battery clamps, new coolant, as well as new “treated” diesel fuel. We ran many tests. Bill has deemed the generator in great shape.

So we can rest assured that when the power is knocked out, the little ISP that could will stay up for all of your Internet needs. Fingers crossed!

Rare Event

Venus Transit 6/5/12

Venus Transit 6/5/12 Press Astronomy Hour owner Gary Morrell set up his telescope outside of our office, on the corner of Martin Luther King Jr. Way and Virginia Street this afternoon in Berkeley, CA. He and Hieronymus Press owner, David Goines answered a myriad of astronomy questions as community members stopped by to get a glimpse of Venus’ transit across the Sun. The picture above was taken through the viewfinder of Gary’s scope (light disc is the Sun, black dot is Venus and lighter marks are sunspots). The next Venus Transit will occur in 105 years!

NASA video of today’s transit


Local Solar Energy News

El Cerrito Natural Grocery Expands Solar Array

El Cerrito Natural Grocery Expands Solar Array


Did you know that has saved 14,240 pounds of CO2 since our solar panels were installed four years ago?

We’re pleased to note that a green neighbor began expanding their solar array this week: Berkeley Natural Grocery’s sibling store in El Cerrito!

On Tuesday, El Cerrito Natural Grocery began preparing for the new panels, which is possible now because they recently purchased the adjacent building! They’re building a solar bridge over the parking entrance to expand their existing rooftop array.

Conscious Construction, certified green builders are also building a café in the newly-acquired space.

Congratulations, ECNG!

Happy 20th,!



Today is’s 20th Anniversary!

For newcomers, here’s a bit of our colorful history:

The following is a compelling article about’s 2001 victory over corporate raiders!

Thank you, founders Gary and Dan for all the good times! And thank you, members and clients, who helped build, our beloved local, solar-assisted ISP, Web Design and Computer Repair shop!

LMi.Net 1996

A quick little video tour of old office at the corner of Bancroft and Roosevelt in Berkeley. This was shot right before we moved to our current office on Martin Luther King Way. Sorry about the mess.