Yesterday we received very sad news. A good friend has flown away.

Dan, Jacki, and I met Paul Wallace in the early 1990’s when we worked at Farallon Computing. Paul worked in the Facilities Department with me. His presence at Farallon was always one of joviality mixed with the utmost professionalism. He could, and did, make everyone happy and at ease. He was a non-stop breath of fresh air.

After Dan and I left to create, Paul became somewhat of a patron saint to One of Paul’s jobs at Farallon was to dispose of old computer equipment and office supplies. We were always at the top of his list as needy recipients. Early in our history, LMi was invariably running on a shoestring budget and these donations were always very welcome. Better yet, during these visits the chance to absorb Paul’s infectious optimism and exuberance was even greater. Over the years we received chairs, desks, routers, computers, monitors, hubs, and more. But above those mere items, just the chance to spend time with Paul was priceless.

As the years passed, Paul was an DSL customer and he would pay his bills in person. Our lobby would brighten when he would visit. He always had a gift or a smile. Always a smile.

As the years progressed, Paul  acquired a number of ailments, one of which was the need for a new kidney. Even with the rigors of daily dialysis, Paul remained optimistic and upbeat. He truly never complained. He always seemed to think that he would eventually make his way to the top of the donor list and things would work out fine.

It was not to be. Time caught up with Paul and he has left us. I’m actually getting a little misty writing this.

I say it about many people, but in this instance I couldn’t mean it any more. Paul Wallace was a great man.

We’ll always miss you Pauly Wally.

I’ll end this with Paul’s signature line, one he said every time he left  . . . . .  “For Everybody”.