We just received this wonderful message from a customer. Thank you John for the kind words. It means a lot to us to hear this:

“I just want to thank you all for the kind of service you provide.
A couple of years ago, after one too many 45 minute waits to talk to
someone on the other side of the world, (who then led me through a simple
minded decision tree before putting me on a half hour hold to talk to his
supervisor, who then gave me a repair number and disconnected me. That was
Earthlink.) After one too many of those, I said to hell with it and gave you
a call. I’ve never regretted it.
In the last few days, doing a lot of upgrading with friend’s help, I’ve
had occasion to call you twice. My friends were stupefied to find themselves
talking with a living, articulate, informed and helpful person. I’m pretty
sure you’ve made another customer with one of those conversations. I’m
absolutely sure you’ve got me as a customer for as long as you’re willing
and able to provide this level of service.
Again, thanks. I’ll probably be talking with you, now and then, and
that’s just so cool!”
John Brownson