We have been working for several months on an overhaul of our email servers. These new servers are much faster, have complete redundancy, and have a greatly improved webmail interface.

During the next few weeks, we will be migrating your mail account over to the new servers. Here’s the good news: You don’t have to do anything! (in most cases…) All of the settings in your email client software can stay the same.

You will receive another email from us when your mail account has actually been moved.

The main difference you will notice when your account has been moved is in our new webmail interface (https://webmail.lmi.net).

The new webmail software (SquirrelMail) will allow you to:

-change your password

-set up your own vacation message

-create mail filters on the server (instead of in your email client software)

-customize SpamAssassin settings

-and much more….

We have created a FAQ page that attempts to answer most of the questions you might have:


There are a few other things to note:

-All mailboxes will have SpamAssassin enabled by default. If you do not want SpamAssassin enabled, you can easily turn it off from the web interface.

< see http://www.lmi.net/faq/squirrelmail.php#q8 >

-If you have customized SpamAssassin in any way, such as adding whitelisted email addresses, you will need to re-enter these. Fortunately, the new web interface makes this quick and easy.   < see http://www.lmi.net/faq/squirrelmail.php#q10 >

-We have tried our best to move over any address books from the old webmail server over to the new one. However, the data fields in the two programs do not match exactly. It’s possible some data from the old address book will not be moved over. If you have created an address book in webmail, and use it to store information such as street address and phone numbers, we recommend that you export this data to your computer so you will have a backup copy.

-By default, all mailboxes come with a 100MB disk quota. This is twice as large as the previous quota. There is a status bar in the upper left of the webmail interface showing how much of your quota is being used.


-The staff at LMi.net