1/27/16 Berkeley, California Today, LMi.net announced that super-fast fiber optic Internet will finally be available to the citizens of Berkeley, California. Fiber optic Internet is the platinum standard for providing fast Internet access. This is the same technology that comprises the backbone of the Internet and can now be installed directly in your home or business. LMi.net has signed an agreement with Paxio, a leading fiber optic installer, and will begin providing service in West Berkeley in the Spring of 2016. “We have been working with city councilmember Kriss Worthington for many months to realize this project,” says Gary Morrell, President of LMi.net. Kriss was concerned about Berkeley’s aging communications infrastructure and recognized the need for faster Internet speeds, and spearheaded the initial City Council Resolution as well as the subsequent Broadband Development Assessment. Kriss added, “I couldn’t be happier that LMi.net, Berkeley’s oldest Internet Service Provider, has taken on the responsibility of delivering this exciting new service. Businesses and residents will both benefit immensely.” Vas Fukson, LMi.net’s Director of Sales says, “Bringing LMi.net’s Phiber℠ to the premises for both homes and businesses of Berkeley will provide the city the highest quality Internet connection possible over newly run high capacity lines. People will no longer be restricted to sharing bandwidth and will now have an entirely new option for Internet access. This brings the community into the 21st century of Internet connectivity.” Residential pricing will start at $49.95/month and Business pricing will start at $119.95/month with speeds ranging from 50Mbps up to 10Gbps. Interested parties can view more information at www.lmi.net/phiber.